260 Northland Drive NE - Rockford, Michigan 49341 - (616) 866-2640

This CARSTAR establishment was highly recommended by several friends who had vehicles repaired.  They were correct - Excellent staff and customer service!!  Thank you!
Nora G. - 9/2/09

Michele, Laurie & Terry all went above and beyond to help ease what started as a difficult situation.  They were fabulous!!
Thanks again!
Cecilia S. - 8/5/09

The work completed [okay].  My vehicle exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much!
Carol D. - 8/27/09

I was very satisfied with the service & repairs.  All was accomplished promptly & professionally.
Kristin P. - 8/26/09

Very efficient staff.  It was a great experience.
Elena K. - 8/26/09

This was a very good experience.  So great, in fact, that I’m returning for additional work.
Lynne R. - 8/20/09

Great – As always.
Blythe S. - 8/9/09

Very friendly and professional.
Paul B. - 8/4/09

A very satisfied customer.  I would highly recommend.  Thanks!
Mary D. - 8/9/09

Very friendly and helpful.  Explained more about our insurance that our agent did.  Nice experience.
Randy T. - 9/5/09

Excellent, professional service.  Staff very courteous and polite.
Suzanne B. - 9/10/09

They even vacuumed the interior!!  Very impressed.
Caroline H. - 8/28/09

Thank you!!  Wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Mary D. - 9/3/09

I even got a call the next day saying I’d been overcharged & would be credited!  Thank you!!
Barbara W. - 9/16/09

Nice job!  Done in a very timely manner which I appreciate very much.  Thank you!
David N. - 8/12/09